su·​per·​geo·​graph·​ic | \ˈsü-pər-ˌjē-ə-ˈgra-fik\


adjective : 

Of a culture suspended between many countries, forged by a shared respect for its distinct parts.



It is the mission of The SuperGeographics to

create bold new works with ensembles from diverse theatrical practices, 

exchange images and ideas across disparate cultures,

challenge form through works that are highly athletic, textually bold, and intellectually rigorous,

build an international community of local audiences and artists by touring globally.


We carry out this mission alongside our commitment to

horizontality in executive structure and the rehearsal room.

respect for all shared spaces, communities, and individuals.

joy in undertaking all creative endeavors.



Since 2015 The SuperGeographics have developed and staged the following works:

2020  The Monk and Alexander

Still Space Theatre, Bangalore, India

2018  Un Castillo de Cartas/House of Cards

Teatro de Bolsillo, Santiago, Chile

The Brick, Brooklyn, United States

2017  Panic Everything’s Fine 

The Tank, Manhattan, United States

2016  Bacchic: an exploration of booze

The Lucid Body House, Manhattan, United States

Boston University Theater Lab, Boston, United States

Club Oberon at ART, Cambridge, United States
The Iron Factory, Philadelphia, United States

2015  Bacchic

The Hive, Brooklyn, United States

Moving Mouths

Goteborg Arts Council, Sweden


The SuperGeographics have developed work with the support of the following institutions and residencies; 

2018  Un Castillo De Cartas Development Universidad Catolica, Santiago Chile

2017  SITI Lab Work Space Anne Bogart’s SITI Company, NYC, USA

Teaching Artists in Residence Wilson College, PA, USA

In The Water Residency Block Island, RI, USA

Development of New Works - Signal by Kristian Sorensen Barn Arts Collective Bangor Maine 


2016  In The Water Residency Block Island, RI, USA

2015  Development of New Works - Moving Mouths Tokalynga Teaterakademi, Gunarp, Sweden

Teaching Artists in Residence Kulurta Lyktor, Gerlesborg, Sweden

In The Water Residency Block Island, RI, USA 


The SuperGeographic Ensemble Theatre is a new iteration of the company formerly known as In The Water Theatre Company.

In The Water Theatre Company began as a residency on Block Island, Rhode Island, USA in 2015 started by Rachel Lucas, Hayley Sherwood and Jonathan Taylor. The focus of the residency was an in-house ensemble of international artists led by Jonathan Taylor, Artistic Director. Our primary goal was the creation of In The Water’s first work, Bacchic. Over the next three years we would return to further develop this piece and generate new works such as Moving Mouths, Panic Everything’s Fine and Un Castillo de Cartas.

Our time at Block Island, and the guest artists we hosted there, were essential to the growth of the company. We look back on our years as In The Water and are thankful for all the incredible individuals who helped to build us up and propel us forward into the company’s next chapter.  

In 2019 the company came together with a decision to shift priorities. The ensemble would become the focus of the organization, leaving the residency behind for now. To reflect this rearticulation, we dropped the name In The Water and became The SuperGeographics.