The SuperGeographics’ Studio Weeks 


Studio Weeks is The SuperGeographics’ program to support individual artists develop and share their distinct creative processes. From our mission to create, exchange, challenge, and build, we invite company members and guest artists to spend one paid week developing their own work. This could mean the development of a project’s movement score, a script, or research on a new piece. Some may choose to use this time to take a class in a new form, a language, or to bring together collaborators and spend the week in rehearsal. It’s up to the artist how they wish to spend their time.  

So often, scarcity of time is the difference between an artistic interest and a realized work. As a company we aim to provide space and opportunity for our artists to further investigate their interests. Studio Weeks provide an opportunity to share and celebrate distinct processes of making across our global community. In this framework, we’re able to support alternative ways of working and parts of the process which may not naturally fit inside a production budget. 

We share each other’s work in the way we would share a studio space by showing work in progress, facilitating conversation, and asking for feedback. Through this practice we build our company on the interests of each participating individual. Through Studio Weeks, The SuperGeographics are excited to support the process of investigation as a way to expand our community.  

To expand access to this opportunity and to strengthen The SuperGeographics’ ties to our global community we invite guest artists to join our Studio Weeks program to work on their own projects. We’re thankful to work with guest artists who make this a more vibrant program for all involved, and in return we provide the full support of the company’s staff and ensemble.  

How To Apply 

If you would like to apply for a SuperGeographics’ Studio Week, please submit your answers to the following question to by October 1st. If you’ve any questions feel free to get in touch, we’d be happy to hear from you! Please notify us of any access needs you may need met in order to apply. 


  • Who are you (name & artist bio)? And who (if anyone) will you be collaborating with during your Studio Week?  

  • What is the project you wish to work on during your Studio Week? Please include a working title and a description.  

  • When would you like your studio week to occur? (Must be before December 31, 2021)  

  • Please provide a schedule of how you'll use your time during your Studio Week.  

  • What support and/or engagement will you require during this week? Each participant will be assigned a company member to provide support in whatever way the artist most needs. Where possible, the company will also be available to attend a showing/reading/discussion as you require throughout the week.  

  • Where will you be spending your Studio Weeks?  

  • Why are you excited to work on this as part of The SuperGeographics’ Studio Week program? 


Our ensemble, staff, and board are committed to the values of horizontality, respect for shared spaces, communities, and individuals and joy in the undertaking of our endeavors. As an organization, we are committed to antiracism, equity, diversity, and inclusion; and for all artists and employees to work in an environment that respects the vastness of their identity including, age, race, sex, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, and ability. In furtherance of these goals, The SuperGeographics encourage artists from traditionally excluded backgrounds to apply.