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Caitlin George

Melbourne, Australia

Caitlin is an actor, playwright and theatre maker currently based out of Melbourne, Australia. Her work has taken her out of her small Australian hometown and around the world. 

She most recently performed CAKE, a solo show about a woman in love with a cheesecake, at The Chain Theatre, NYC. 

Selected credits include - New York City; CAKE (Shellscrape Theatre) at The Chain, Panic Everything's Fine (The SuperGeographics), Adam & Evie at Dixon Place, Manhattan with the SITI Conservatory, and Hang and Burn by Kate Tarker. Melbourne, Australia; CAKE at The Courthouse on Errol for Melbourne Fringe Festival, Let's Get Practical! Live at The Malthouse Theatre, and Beers & Trees at La Mama Theatre. Regional Australia; Mad Forest by Caryl Churchill directed by Bryce Ives with FUAA, Puss In Boots by Angela Carter directed by Justine Campbell, and Bleed. Pack. Wrap at Helen McPherson Theatre, Ballarat. 

As a playwright her interests question the ubiquitous cultural behaviours around feminine social roles. She believes that by looking back to where we've come from we can better understand where we are and where we can go. 

She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor Degree in Acting from Federation University's Arts Academy, Ballarat. In 2016 she travelled to New York City to study as a part of the SITI Conservatory. It was here she was first introduced to many members of The SuperGeographics, and began collaborations that have continued to this day. ​​

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