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Saturday August 14th | 9.30 AM EDT

Via Community Box partner Artkhoj. Tickets are processed in Indian Rupee.

Dipannita 1.jpg
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Facilitated by

Dipannita Acharya (Baul anuragi)

Supported with the help of

Anshulika Kapoor

Bauls are the wandering mystic minstrels of undivided Bengal. They gained popularity in the so called society when they mystically sang and danced around, propagating the truth of life.
We can find them not only in Birbhum but also in Purba Bardhaman , Tarapith, Bankura , in North Bengal as well.

Though Baul Music goes beyond Folk Music and becomes. a way of life, talking about deep philosophies in simple language that contains many layers, and it is called twilight language or “sandhya bhasha”.

Dipannita Acharya is a prolific artist in the genre of folk music. However, she identifies herself and her music as “Baul Anuragi” and “Bhav Sangeet” respectively. Over the years, she has marvelled the audiences with a plethora of regional folk songs, especially those from Bengal, Assam, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

During the 2 hour session, participating artists will learn:
- About the meaning of the word Baul.
- Brief study about the path.
- About Guru Tattva with the example of the song of any poet.
- Teaching of that song
- Transliteration and translation of the song

Conducted in English and songs in Bangla.
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