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Friday August 27th | 9.30 AM EDT

Via Community Box partner Artkhoj. Tickets are processed in Indian Rupee.

Dipannita 1.jpg
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Facilitated by

Akram Khan Bahurupiya

Supported with the help of

Sajan Sankaran

An ancient art form, the Bahurupiya tradition is traditionally considered to have been initiated by Narada Muni. A performance tradition sustained by families through their dedicated service, the presentation involves adopting a character, and using appearance along with a dramatised conversational storytelling form to enchant and entertain the audiences. It was especially popular during the time of prince states in Rajasthan and other parts of India, and the artists continue using their craft to entertain audiences across various local community gatherings and events.

Akram Khan Bahurupiya hails from a family of seven generations of Bahurupiya artists. His father, who taught him the craft was Shri Subrati Bahurupiya, a renowned doyen of the craft. Akram Khan has been recognised for his high level of craft work by numerous government and private cultural forums, and has dedicated himself completely to the preservation and propagation of his tradition. He has performed with his father and brothers at the biggest platforms across the country.

During the 2 hour session, participating artists will:
- Get introduced to some of the insights from the art form, & its tradition, and the creative practice of the key artist
- Interact with activities around some key elements of the art form
- View a performance demonstration by the artist
- Artist’s approach to their creative process

Conducted in Hindi with live translation to english by volunteer.
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