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We made it to Block Island!

We have all made it to Block Island! It was a long journey to get here (both literally and metaphorically.) The past week has been a flurry of planning train and boat tickets, ordering groceries and supplies, but we finally made it! Once again – we can’t thank everyone who helped us to get this project off the ground enough.  It seems like just a few days ago that Jonathan and I were sprawled on the floor of his apartment covering his refrigerator with sticky notes of ideas of what this company would be and what we would create. I am proud of us all for getting this far and so exited to see where we go from here.

 It is my first time to Block Island and it is just as beautiful as Jonathan has been telling me for the past months. I grew up in a beach town so I always find towns like this one comforting, but I can feel that this is going to be a peaceful home for this ensemble for the next four weeks. I love the first few days of a process like this the most. All of the ensemble members have been getting to know each other, sharing stories about their journeys to this little island, comparing their artistic lives in their home countries and generally getting to know the six other people they will be living with for the next month on this tiny yet gorgeous island. 

On our first day, we cleaned out the barn that will become one of our main workspaces (nesting if you will), shared some delicious family meals and started on the work of reading as many adaptations of the Bacchae as humanly possible. It seems improbable, but even after one day the ensemble members are clicking as a group. It is thrilling to watch them work because they are so trusting and open hearted. It is easy to be jaded in this world but there is nothing but enthusiasm and eagerness in this group. It is truly inspiring.  

As young artists, we have taken the “when life gives you lemons” approach. We have a rehearsal space, several talented artists, and our crowd-sourced funding to make ends meet.  Now that we’ve all finally made it to the Island from New York, Raleigh, Gottenburg, and Australia, the artistic work finally begins. Please keep checking in with this blog to get sneak peeks! 

Rachel C. Lucas

Founding Managing Director


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