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17 Times (Working Title) a new play about our relationship to art and the space we take, seen through an absurdist lens.

A song plays. We like it.

It plays again. We still do.

It plays again. ok.

Am I keeping up?

I will use my Studio Week to develop 17 Times and generate both text and structure. This time will be spent writing dialogue in collaboration with Audrey Moyce. Together and apart, we will carve out an arc for our performers, who find themselves stuck in an absurd purgatory. Interested in time and the dulling (maddening?) affect of repetition, 17 times asks those within it to push the limits of patience. Is there anything to learn by reaching the other side? We will also develop a rehearsal plan to best transform this bizarre study into a dynamic live event.

Trace Still 2

Dante Belletti

Dante Belletti

Audrey Moyce

Audrey Moyce

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