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Kulturtemplet is an old water reservoir placed underground inside a hill in Majorna in Gothenburg. It's a place with a very particular architecture and extreme acoustics (20 seconds of reverb). It used to be closed for many years until a musician/artist based in Gothenburg "found" it and convinced the commune to give him access. Because of this during some years Kulturtemplet has worked as an arena for concerts and other small cultural events. I experience that everything I've seen being done there until now hasn't really used Kulturtemplet's different potentials fully. I've many times thought it would be interesting to do some kind of project there, and now I'm so happy that this studio week could make a start-up possible! I think it will be both necessary, constructive and fun to use one studio week to work on both idea development and theoretical research around Kulturtemplet as a place, and some practical research focusing on exploring possibilities and potential ways of using the particular aspects of the place. The reverb, the coldness, the wetness, the darkness. It's particular history as a water-reservoir.

The aim with the exploration would be to map out possibilities, both regarding the place itself and potential thematics related to it, in order to further ahead develop a more specific project-idea connected to the place.

Trace Still 2

Annika Vestel

Annika Vestel

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